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Castor Hair Oil – 70ml Original

Castor oil is rich in Ricinoleic acid
Fights off the acne-causing bacteria.
It effectively penetrates the skin layers
Making it an excellent remedy for acne
Effectively treating constipation
LANBENA Hair Growth Essence Oil

LANBENA Hair Growth Essence Oil 20 ml


পরিমাণ: 20 ml

ব্রান্ড: LANBENA

আমদানি  কারক দেশ : চায়না 

[সরাসরি চায়য়না থেকে আসা ল্যানবেনা হেয়ার গ্রোথ এসেন্স তেল]

Zafran Hair Growth Oil – 150ml

Zafran Hair Growth Therapy (Made in Pakistan)
For those who have a lot of problems with their hair, it will remove all problems with your hair.
It is the most powerful Natural Hair Growth In the World
* The hair closes after the hair closes.
* Hair length is 3 inches long for regular use
Do it.
New hair is grown for regular use.
# Zafran Hair Growth Therapy has been made of saffron, with more than 10 extraordinary and rare herbal ingredients. Due to its unique formula, fast and easily ingredients are added into the hair and hair gums and provide the necessary nutrients of hair and scalp. Our hair is made of turquoise. It is a type of protein made from amino acids. Saffron Hair Growth Therapy provides amino acids in the room and stimulates saliva which helps to grow new hair. Its herbal ingredients also contain iron and zinc that flows oxygen into Scalp and creates new tissue and stops hair follicles and helps the hair grow faster.
Terms of Use: Those who want to stop wearing hair and want to make the hair tall and strong, use it only once before going to sleep at night. And those whose hair after their hair has become defunct, they use it twice (morning and night). This can be used by any age group of children.
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